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Tire Care in Northampton, Massachusetts

Increase safety and fuel economy with tire care tips from our shop in Northampton, Massachusetts. We've assembled some useful facts to set you up for successful travels.
Man Adjusting Tire's Air - Tire Care in Northampton, MA

Maximize MPG with Properly Inflated Tires

Tires play a major role in your fuel economy. Save money by maintaining proper air pressure in your tires.

Tire Pressure

Check all of your car's tires once a month or whenever they look low. Low tire pressure lowers your gas mileage, affects handling, and even leads to blowouts.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is very important for the life of your tire.

Jack Up Your Car Safely

Everyone should know how to use the jack that comes with his or her car. Try using it at home first to be prepared for those unexpected flats on the highway.


Q. How often should we rotate our tires?
A. Rotate tires every 3,000 - 5,000 miles.
Q. How often should we check our air?
A. Check air at least once a month.
Keep your vehicle safe and reliable with vital tire care.