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What People are Saying About Us in Northampton, Massachusetts

I have been going here for over 30 years. When I had a car I could buy 2 sneakers every 2 years and they would charge me less than $200 and swap them around (balance) for free. Now I have a highlander and all need to be replaced at the same time but they still give me the best price and save the best tire for my spare (not a donut). I love this family and so glad to see the dad healthy and the family so happy! Local is better! I had a bump in a tire and went to a different place because it was close to work, they wouldn't fix tried to sell me a $235 tire brought it to Duffy and they fixed the tire for $12. Don't want to be over charged because your female? This is the place to be respected. Don't worry about the look of the place, historical committee won't let them change it (hysterical committee).

Heather S. - October 3, 2016
I've only been there once but had a great experience. Excellent customer service and if I have car issues while I'm in the area I would certainly go back to them. Went in to get a tire replaced but I was then informed that instead of replacing it, it could be fixed.

Sasha P. - July 19, 2016
I came out of the supermarket today and a very nice woman said your tire looks low on air. I panicked and went to the nearest tire shop on King street to get air and to inspect tire.The man said you need a new tire lets get you set up. I said you didn't even diagnose what was wrong with tire, you just automatically went to get money out of me.
I said there is only one place I can get an honest opinion and that is Duffy Tire. They are Northampton's first tire company established over 50 years ago before the big chains came in with there slick advertising to lure you in with there low prices. Well the old saying still stands ,you get what you pay for.Jim Duffy has been working for his father since he was 9 years old.Nobody knows more about tires than Jim Duffy.Jim did a full inspection on the tire and said you must of hit one of those sewer holes raised above the road during construction on Prospect street and popped the seal. I'll take care of that real quick. Tire has been good ever since. I asked what do I owe you, he said nothing, I take care of my long term loyal customers. I'll know you'll be back.It's the free benefits that Jim Duffy gives his customers that in the long term makes him really the lowest price, most honest tire service company in Northampton.So before you jump at the slick gimmicks the others offer, I say go with the best and the Hell with the rest.So after your happy and satisfied please leave a positive Google review for Jim.
The more positive reviews he gets the more business he will get.
Thank you for your cooperation loyal customers. Thank God for Jim Duffy's Honesty and Integrity and Trustworthiness.

Tim H. - August 7, 2015
They may not have all the frills of the big chains nearby, but they have integrity and great customer service.

They quoted me a fair price that included everything... no nickle-and-diming over valve stem caps or bogus up-sells like nitrogen to fill the tires with. They gave me an appointment that was an hour after I called and they had the car done in the time they said.

I won't take my cars anywhere else for tires.

M Y - February 3, 2015

Great service and excellent prices. Definitely customer minded, and does good work.

James V. -March 7, 2013
These guys are the best! Honest, friendly, helpful. Could not ask for better service with a smile.

LP - A year ago
After having two terrible experiences at Town Fair Tire, and witnessing friends have terrible experiences at Firestone, I sought a local alternative. I couldn't be happier with the service I received at Duffy. They were fast, friendly, honest, and affordable. As long as I live in the valley, I'll never go anywhere else for tire service.

I have been taking my car here at least 6 yrs to get the seasonal tires switched. In all that time they have not raised the price, and it is the best in the Amherst, MA area. I just did my annual review, and once again it was $50, compared with $75 at Amherst Tire and Midas, and $90 at Hadley tire. These folks are helpful, very nice, very easy to work with, and they somehow always fit me in within a reasonable time period, even though they are insanely busy. M-F 8-5, Sat. until 12. They've got to raise their price some day, because inflation hasn't stopped and everybody's got to make a living, but I won't worry when they do because I'm already convinced that they're not gougers.

MN - 4 Years ago
These guys are awesome! I was told by Town Fair Tire that I couldn't have my tires mounted because I bought them offline. Took em to Duffy's and after they took care of the customers prior to me they were done with my vehicle. The tires are 1000X better and they did an awesome job with the balance and alignment. Recommend them to anyone!

A Google User - 2 years ago
These guys are really great: friendly and good at explaining the rationale behind their recommendations. They're compulsively honest and fun to deal with. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

A Google User - 3 years ago
Duffy Tire Svc.
I love these guys, they are the best! I have been going to Duffy's for the past 28 years and have never had a problem with any of the tires they sell. Their service is excellent!

Victoria S. September 15, 2011